Loans We Provide

Chicago Bridge Loans provides short-term (6-18 month) real estate loans used for the acquisition or refinancing of investment real estate throughout the Chicagoland area.  These loans are often referred to as bridge loans or hard-money loans.

Our underwriting is different – and probably more lenient – than traditional mortgage lenders.  Whereas we often do not lend as much as traditional lenders (i.e. we usually lend in the range of 50-60% of value), we are less concerned with a borrower’s income, credit history or perhaps a troublesome prior real estate investment.  More important to us is the borrower’s experience, plan for the property, and whether we feel the borrower is likely to succeed with their plan.

Our typical borrower is a real-estate investor who needs funds for a limited time.   Perhaps they want to acquire an asset while waiting to sell or refinance a different asset which they already own, or simply need time to obtain permanent financing for a property.

We provide borrowers with financing options otherwise unavailable to them in today’s financial markets, and add value to their deals through:

  • Quick responses to each inquiry – we pride ourselves on giving borrowers a frank and immediate response as to whether we think we can help them achieve their goals

  • Local knowledge of the Chicagoland real estate market

  • In-house valuation of real estate, thereby avoiding the cost – and delay – associated with appraisals and broker price opinions

  • Flexible terms – No two deals are alike, and so our loans are not boilerplate.  If we can make accommodations to better suit your needs, we are happy to do so.

Ultimately, our goals are aligned with yours:  to structure a loan which will allow you to successfully complete your investment real estate transaction.

Our Service Area

 We lend in the Chicagoland area, up to approximately 40 miles from the city’s border.  We don’t yet lend in Northwest Indiana.